O que os outros disseram por mim #3

So you’re fairly social?
I see people occasionally. I would never call myself social. I don’t go out to restaurants with eight or ten people every night. I spend a fair amount of time by myself. I like thinking. And it’s difficult thinking when you’re surrounded by people. Alone is just as good.


So you would never consider being a dad?
No. If I’m going to have somebody living with me, it’s going to be somebody who shares the bed. We creative people, we writers and all, we do have to spend a fair amount of time by ourselves. More than a lot of other people do. Being a writer is not an eight-hour-a-day job. You learn very quickly that it’s a 24-hour-a-day job. You don’t say, “Now I’m going to start thinking like a writer.” It’s more like, “Oops, I’ve been doing it for four hours, now I can stop.”

But you don’t write for 24 hours a day.
You’re behaving like a writer. You’re looking at things and looking at people and listening and observing like a writer all the time—with strangers and with friends, always.


Is there a particular kind of person you like to look at?
Interesting ones. The boring ones I don’t look at.

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